Toyota RAV4 Saginaw Driving Modes

2013 Toyota RAV4 Saginaw
ECO Driving Mode

Customers will appreciate the thoughtful addition of an ECO drive mode, which further enhances the redesigned RAV4’s economy by regulating air conditioning and heat operation, and the moderation of the throttle opening by up to 20 percent, helping the driver regulate engine output.

Sport Mode

When the new Sport Mode is selected, torque transfer to the rear wheels will start from the moment the steering wheel is turned. The new Dynamic Torque Control AWD System, with the feedback from driver steering input, will adjust automatically a 90:10 front/rear torque distribution to reduce the load on the front tires. If later, an actual understeer develops, torque transfer to the rear wheels is automatically increased by up to 50%, further reducing front tire loading to provide improved lateral grip.

As well as activating the ‘Dynamic’ behavior of the system’s front to rear torque transfer, the new Sport mode also modifies the RAV4’s power steering, throttle and transmissions; decreasing power steering assistance, sharpening throttle response and offering higher revs’, for a more dynamic driving experience.

AWD Driving Modes

For added security while braking, the 2013 RAV4 automatically disengages all AWD operation in order to maximize the effects of its standard Anti-lock Brake System, Electronic Brake-force Distribution, Brake Assist and Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control.

In the all new 2013 Toyota RAV4, 2WD with Auto LSD is standard but Michigan drivers will love the optional Dynamic Torque Control AWD.

There are many new features to love in the 2013 RAV4.  Contact the sales professionals at Labadie Toyota today and schedule a test drive at 1-800-338-5751.