2012 Prius c Advantages

With fuel prices likely to stay high, small cars will likely stay near the top of many shoppers’ lists.  Introducing the Toyota Prius c, the newest member of the Prius family. It brings Prius heritage and Toyota innovation to the small hybrid sector.

Toyota Prius c Midland MI


Prius c brings traditional Prius virtues to a new class of vehicle. You can expect all the efficient design and economical operation the Prius reputation promises.

  • All Prius models are known for their outstanding mpg, and Prius c is no exception. It boasts manufacturer estimates of 53 mpg city, 46 mpg highway.
  • Another Prius hallmark is efficiency, and one aspect of this is curb weight. Toyota hones and refines every part of a Prius, always looking for ways to save weight and materials. The result shows in Prius c’s light weight, including its batteries.
  • Adding to Prius c’s economical operation is Toyota Care, Toyota’s complimentary maintenance plan.


Prius c Three has sophisticated features normally found only on much larger cars.

  • Prius c Three owners enjoy the luxury of automatic climate control.
  • Prius c Three drivers enjoy quick-access controls for some HVAC functions, right on the steering wheel.


  • Prius c Three has Toyota’s innovative Touch Tracer Display, which places a duplicate image of the steering-wheel-mounted controls in the instrument panel.
  • Prius c Three comes standard with navigation and Entune, including popular mobile apps and services.


  • Prius c’s smaller turning circle can make it easier to slip in and out of small parking spaces. Other times, it may allow the driver to make a U-turn instead of a three-point turn.
  • Another key to Prius c’s excellent maneuverability is its overall length, which is shorter than its challenger’s. This may make a difference in parallel parking or changing lanes.


Prius c Three is small on the outside, but it’s big on comfort and convenience inside. You don’t have to trade these features for economy.

  • The 60/40 split-folding rear seatbacks in Prius c greatly increase its versatility.
  • For a car as small as Prius c, it sure carries a lot of cargo. In fact, it has about two-thirds more cargo volume than Civic Hybrid, which is a larger car. Think of the added utility and convenience this adds on weekend shopping expeditions or road trips.

2012 Toyota Prius c Michigan

Take a test drive of the new affordable (starting at under $20,000!!!) 2012 Toyota Prius c at Labadie Toyota today.  Once you try it you’ll want one of your own.