New 2012 Toyota Camry Michigan

The new 2012 Toyota Camry doesn’t flaunt a flashy façade.  Instead, it exudes a quiet confidence befitting a bestseller.

2012 Toyota Camry Michigan

The seventh-generation Toyota Camry is quieter, serves up a more spacious and stylish cabin, featuring leading edge multimedia technology, firms up handling and control and pumps up mpg.

While external dimensions are nearly the same as the previous generation Toyota Camry, the new 2012 Camry offers a more spacious interior, thanks to meticulous millimeter-by-millimeter modifications of seats and trim.  Not only do backseat passengers have more space, but the entire cabin feels roomier!  The new 2012 Camry also feels more luxurious.  A new instrument panel combines high-tech design with old-world craftsmanship, and contrasting textures throughout the cabin create a three-dimensional effect.  Soft padding with stitching sheathes the items that occupants touch most often.

Engineers also paid particular attention to noise and by suppressing noises that are near the frequencies of human speech, it is easier to hear conversations in the new 2012 Toyota Camry.  There are many improvements to make the Camry quieter –  foam inside the roof, pillars and door openings decreases wind noise and silencer panels inside the rear-wheel housings reduce racket from rocks thrown up from the road are just a few.

Test drive the new 2012 Toyota Camry at Labadie in Bay City Michigan!