2010 Toyota Corolla Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The weather is getting colder in Michigan and there is nothing worse than putting air in your tires and seeing that Tire Pressure Monitor light that won’t go away.  2010 Toyota Corolla owners have no fear, it is easy to reset the tire pressure monitoring system!

 System reset initialization


1. Push and hold “SET” button until the indicator blinks three times.

2. Wait a few minutes to allow initialization to complete.

After adjusting tire pressures, or after tires have been rotated or replaced, turn the ignition switch to “ON” and press and hold the “SET” button until indicator blinks three times. Let the vehicle sit for a few minutes to allow initialization to complete.

Refer to the load label on the door jamb or the Owner’s Manual for tire inflation specifications.

If the tire pressure indicator flashes for more than 60 seconds and then remains on, take the vehicle to Labadie Toyota in Bay City, Michigan.

Note: The warning light may come on due to temperature changes or changes in tire pressure from natural air leakage. If the system has not been initialized recently, setting the tire pressures to factory specifications should turn off the light.

Need to get service for you Toyota Corolla?  Contact Labadie Toyota in Bay City Michigan.  www.labadietoyota.com